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a half-assed promise

Posted by casey on January 9, 2015

I spend my working hours writing user documentation. I love it – it’s pretty much my calling.

Buuuut…. I kinda made a half-assed New Year’s Resolution to write more ‘for myself’ in 2015 (whatever the hell that means – I was tipsy and didn’t really flesh out the requirements). It’s always been hard for me to write unless I’m 1) Telling someone how to do something or 2) Writing about how awesome David Hume is and how wrong everyone else is about him.

Yeah, I blogged a bit back when I was looking for a job, but I was never serious about it: I was just trying to generate enough of a presence online that potential employers wouldn’t ask me about non-academic writing samples. I think I had like 5 posts up by the time I got hired on at my current job.

So, here’s my first post. I suspect I’ll be writing a bit about the Sisyphean struggle of being a lone wolf tech writer at a SaaS company. I’ll probably write about cats or something too, though.

Till next time,


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